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Half-Moon Lagoon Disc Golf Course

The Half-Moon Lagoon is a current project in Reedsburg, WI. This is the hometown of the Disconsin founders, and this course construction is what initially brought the club together. The Grand Opening is set for mid-summer, as the club is working diligently toward course completion.

Narrows Creek Disc Golf Course

Narrows Creek runs through the Village Park in Loganville, WI. and this was the sight for Disconsin to make its first initial impact on a disc golf community through course development. The Village had baskets set up, but the club helped organize locations and develop tee areas and signs for each tee.

White Mound County Park

White Mound is a county park within Sauk County, WI. The club has been in contact with county park director, and legendary course designer Don Hoffman has walked and help plan the possible attack for the club constructing another 18-basket course within Sauk County.

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  • Summer 2014

    Nishan Hill

    Disc golf became a go-to activity for the four founding fathers of Disconsin in the summer of 2014. Thoughts of building a course in their hometown bagan to loom, as the members were travelling nearly everyday to play a round or two.

  • Late 2014-Early 2015

    The Lagoon

    The club was official, and had been in contact with Reedsburg Parks & Rec. Director. Talks of local areas for possible course development lead the club to settle on the Roger Popple Nature Area. This area and its trail system had nearly been abandonned after the flood of 2008.

  • fall 2015

    Buckthorn Battle Begins

    Disconsin made its first imprint on the disc golf world with efforts in Loganville to arrange baskets in a challenging way and developing tee signs and tee locations for a 9-basket course. Soon after sign installation in Loganville, the club began to battle invasive buckthorn as the first leg of course construction in Reedsburg. Disconsin recieved an award for these efforts in the Spring of 2017.

  • Spring 2016

    White Mound

    As the club was battling buckthorn for the second installment of the Buckthorn Round-Up, their were talks with the Sauk County Parks Director about installing a park within White Mound County Park. Excitement surrounded the conversation on both sides, and the club has since moved forward with planning an 18-basket course. Course construction may begin in 2018.

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