Welcome to my online portfolio! I am a graphic design student at Madison College. In between classes and schoolwork you can find me creating, drawing, writing, and generally losing myself in this crazy, beautiful world of graphic design. Take a look below for a sneak peek at some of my work!


From brainstorming to final product, everything begins with a strong concept.


My strength lies at the drawing board, creating and designing by hand from the beginning.


With a background in marketing, I can move a brand to the front of the competition.


At my heart is my sense of design. My creations set me apart and bring a fresh perspective to every design.


From illustration to design, my work is my passion.

Check back for updates and sneak peeks at what I am working on!

Pen and Ink Illustration

Hand drawn Star Wars character done in pen and ink. Colorized in Adobe Illustrator.

Monochromatic Music Poster

Monochromatic color scheme in music collage created in Adobe Illustrator.
Mumford and Sons

Gig Poster

Poster announcing Broadway premiere of Sara Bareilles in two colors.

Heightened Self-Portrait

Graphite heightened drawing: Self-portrait with transitioning object on head.

Self-Portrait Painting

Music themed self-portrait painting done with black and white opaque acrylic paint.

Interior Design Ad

Sample of ad series for Madison College Interior Design program.

Image Restoration and Colorization

Damaged and torn black and white photo restored and colorized in Adobe Photoshop.

NEW Fusion Event Ad

Web advertisement for event hosted by NEW Fusion Dance & Performing Arts in Green Bay, WI.


For more work samples, references, questions, or comments, please contact me using the form below. Thank you for visiting! ~Emily