Welcome to Carandale Farm!

Carandale Fruit


Strawberries are the first fruit of the season starting about mid-June.


Fall bearing raspberries are usually available until early or mid October.


Grapes can be used in many ways, have high nutritional and anti-oxidant value

Carandale Experience

We want to provide you with an experience that is enjoyable and authentic. We do not offer entertainment farming. What we do offer is an opportunity to enjoy the beauty, harmony and relaxed atmosphere of our natural setting. We are located on the beautiful and picturesque terminal glacial moraine where the ice sheet stopped its advance (and the boulders were deposited). We are easy to find at the south end of Fish Hatchery Road, but far enough away from any main thoroughfare so that the sights and sounds of wildlife amongst rolling hills, prairies and woodlands replace the sights and sounds of suburbia. It is not unusual to see deer, wild turkey, pheasant, rabbit, squirrel, fox, raccoon and other wildlife while visiting our farm.


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