Chloe Balster

Chloe Balster

I'm learning basic web design and coding in college. I've learned about different layouts, how to design and protoype in Adobe XD, and how to add css and flexbox.

My experience is drawing is at least a decade long. I've loved to draw since I was little and I taught my self how to draw animals and fantasy creatures. In college, I'm learning how to draw in Adobe using a stylus.

I've been painting for the last five years or so. I learned the basics in school, then I started to experiment on my own. My favorite things to paint are animals and Frank Lloyd Wright houses.

I've only started to work in Adobe since I started the Graphic Design program and Madison College. We've primarily been in Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. Though as I said before, I've also used XD a bit.


My education extends through high school. I’m currently in my second year of college at Madison Area Technical College, in the Graphic Design program.


I’ve volunteered in children’s ministry at my church since 5th grade. I’ve also been in many volunteer programs through church.