Samson the Silly and his jokes

By Jemma on Nov 03, 2020 with 73 Commnets

Samson is a wonderful cat who we picked up off the streets when he was just a kitten. My favorite thing about him is that he’s the best at telling knock knock jokes! We discovered this when he was just 12 months old, and since then he's only been getting better. He’ll wake us up in the morning with a meow then go right to it. My fav is when he’s in a good mood and he’ll say...

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Rodney is still chasing his tail

By Alex on Oct 28, 2020 with 30 Commnets

That rascal little rescue, Rodney, mistook his tail for yet another snake the other day, and hasn't stopped chasing it since. Will he ever let this go? Probably not. It's been 3 weeks now with no signs of giving up. He is a fierce one, with a heart filled with determination. In other news his mother Rita is also chasing her tail clearly this must be genetics or something like...

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My cat was a fish in another life

By Lilly on Oct 20, 2020 with 39 Commnets

My cat, Tails (yes he's named after the sonic character), has been living with me for 6 months sense I adopted him. He's been one wild cat, I swear every month he finds a new way to surprise or shock me near to death! once he somehow got into the kitchen cabinet and took a nap there (image how I felt barely awake in the morning get a coffee mug to find him there). Well this time...

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Boots got some boots for her paws

By Spooky24 on Oct 31, 2020 with 50 Commnets

So Boots my, 4 y/o cat has been with us for 3 years. The other day I saw he playing around by our front door, it was a little chilly out and there was a draft coming in through the door (old house, need to get that fixed.) I paid her actions no mind until later that day I was looking for her because she wasn't in the kitchen for dinner, so I go back over the front door to find...

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I made some mittens for Mittens

By xXshadowXx on Oct 26, 2020 with 28 Commnets

Sense covid broke out I decided to take on a new hobby. I picked up knitting back up after always watching my granny knit when I was younger. My cat Mittens would typically lay in my lap while I knitted and binged tv shows, well, one night after a couple glasses of wine I got the most funny idea; what if I made mittens for Mittens. She's always cold after all! I found an infant pattern online...

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Clever cat keeps opening doors

By Yuei on Oct 15, 2020 with 34 Commnets

Mack, my five year old long hair, is one of the most clever cats I have ever met! She's untied shoes, turned the microwave on, turns on the faucet to drink from, turns on the tv regularly, AND NOW RECENTLY HAS STARTED OPENING DOORS IN THE HOUSE. Imagine my shock, living alone and in the middle of the night I wake up to hear someone opening my bedroom door...

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