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Our tiny homes may be located in the wild wilderness, but they provide each of our guests with necessary modern necessities.

Full Kitchen

Each tiny home comes with it’s own kitchen which includes an oven, stove, and refrigerator.

Full Bathroom

Each tiny home has a full bathroom with either a walk-in shower or a full bathtub.

Wifi & Smart TV

Each tiny home is equipped with a smart television for streaming and access to Wifi at no extra cost.

Tiny Homes

Check out the six different models of tiny homes available for you to book!

The tiny home named 'Cobalt Cottage' sits on the edge of a lake
Cobalt Cottage
The tiny home named 'Wooden Wonderland' sits on the edge of a lake
Wooden Wonderland
The tiny home named 'Modern Homestead' sits at the mouth of the woods
Modern Homestead
The tiny home named 'Dark Amber' sits at the top of a hill
Dark Amber
The tiny home named 'Farmhouse' sits near the lake
The tiny home named 'Mountain Cabin' sits on the hillside
Mountain Cabin


This is the story of Tiny Resort...

Our Amazing Team

Tiny resort is a family owned business.

Headshot of Aiden Johnson

Aiden Johnson

Co-Founder and Tiny Home Builder

Headshot of Julie Johnson

Julie Johnson

Co-Founder and Tiny Home Designer

Headshot of Stephanie Johnson

Stephanie Johnson

Manager and Caretaker

The Johnson family is proud of what they have created and are happy that others enjoy Tiny Resort just as much as they do.

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