Adopt A Cat

At Madison Cat Project, we practice something called Adopters Welcome. We want to help you find the right match for your home and will do whatever we can to make that happen. We commit to supporting you long term to make sure the cat you adopt is the right match, and to support you if you have questions or concerns down the road. 

Barn Cats

Would you like to have some barn cats for your farm? Cats can provide excellent rodent control. Madison Cat Project is eager to work with rural property owners who are willing to provide a permanent, caring home for our available cats. A farm is an ideal home for cats who prefer not to interact with people and cats who are semi-friendly or friendly but would like to be outdoors. 

Vet Care

Madison Cat Project strongly supports humane Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) as a method to control cat populations. TNR is 100% effective at preventing additional kittens from being born and stops the population growth. One Saturday every month we offer affordable spay and neuter surgeries as well as vaccinations for cats that live indoors and outdoors.

White Cat


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Ready to adopt?

We have a number of opportunities for you to meet your next family member!