Web Page Design

This is an introductory course in web page design with an emphasis on html and css. During this course, students will create several web sites, increasing in complexity. Exploration and analysis of existing sites on the web will also be a focus, and source for information.

The focus of this course is to create well designed web pages. The more comfortable you are with design and illustration, the smoother the transition will be in designing for the world wide web. Keep in mind that this technology is changing on almost a daily basis. Parts of what you learn today could be obsolete soon. Keep your ears and minds open to new ways of handling this medium. Become an internet user. The more you surf and see other sites, the more ideas and information you will have to bring to your own work.


By Weeks
(See Blackboard for more details)



Unit Topic/Activity


Jan 16 -24

Course Introduction
Introduction to Web/HTML (Coffee Shoppe site), uploading files


Jan 23-31

Intro to CSS (cascading style sheets)
Adding images, links and list


Jan 30-Feb 7

Create resume in html


Feb 6-14

Fair Oaks Nursery - Style Tile

Fair Oaks Nursery - Wireframe


Feb 13-21

Photoshop - Fair Oaks Nursery html (Intro to Dreamweaver)

Portal Page


Feb 20-28

Floats in CSS - Baby Animals, Madison College

Intro Lucky's Pet Spa


Feb 27-Mar 7

Continue Lucky's Pet Spa
Lucky's Pet Spa - adding slide shows


Mar 6-21

Fair Oaks Nursery – JavaScript additions


Mar 12-16



Mar 20-28

Working with Responsive Templates (Bootstrap)
Lucky's Responsive Template


Mar 27-Apr 4

Using templates/bootstrap Site of your choosing


Apr 3-11

Bootstrap Site


Apr 10-18

Bootstrap Site


Apr 17-25

Final Assignment - WebFlow


Apr 24-May 2

Final Assignment - WebFlow


May 8




"Jump drives"
(flash drives, thumb drives...) - there are a variety of USB plug in type storage devices which will allow you to store work and easily share between Mac and PC environments.

Firewire drives
Although more expensive, this alternative will allow you to store the greatest amount of data. You are solely responsible for the purchase, upkeep and maintenance of any drive you use at school.

Cloud Storage
I would encourage you to have a cloud storage account for backup. You can obtain a free account through dropbox.com or a mac iCloud account.

Note Taking Materials
Come to class prepared to take, keep, and refer back to your notes. Bring something to write with, write on, and store your notes. I will 3-hole punch any handouts that I give you. You may want to use a 3-ringed binder.

Text Books

There are no required text books for this course, however, I highly recommend:

Learning Web Design: A Beginner's Guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web Graphics

Jennifer Niederst Robbins & Aaron Gustafson
ISBN: 978-1449319274 ; Published: August 21, 2012; 4th Edition
Publisher: O'Reilly Media

Dreamweaver CC for Windows and Macintosh: 
            Visual QuickStart Guide

Dreamweaver CC for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide
Tom Negrino, Dori Smith
ISBN: 0321929519; Published: August 31, 2014;
Publisher: Peachpit Press

Dreamweaver CC - The Missing Manual

Dreamweaver CC - The Missing Manual (Covers 2014 release)
David Sawyer McFarland & Chis Grover
ISBN: 1491947209; Published: December 6, 2014;
Publisher: O'Reilly Media

HTML5 & CSS3 Visual Quick Start

HTML5 and CSS3: Visual QuickStart Guide
Elizabeth Castro, Bruce Hyslop
ISBN: 0321719611; Published: December 31, 2011, 7th Edition;
Publisher: Peachpit Press

HTML5 For Web Designers

HTML5 For Web Designers

Jeffrey Zeldmann
ISBN: 0984442502; Published: 1ST edition (2010;
Publisher: A Book Apart

CSS3 for Web Designers

CSS3 for Web Designers

Dan Cederholm
ISBN: 0984442529; Published: Published: 1ST edition (2010;
Publisher: A Book Apart


Your final grade will be the sum of the following parts:

Web Sites
  • Several web sites will be created during this course. These sites will be a variety of single and multi-page, contain graphics, hyperlinks and other appropriate content. Criteria for grade evaluation will be supplied for each site.
Mini Exercises
  • In order to learn specific page design and layout skills, you will create several short “mini pages” or exercises. In addition, these mini pages will serve as content on your personal web page.
  • You are allowed 3 absences this course. Each absence after that will result in a grade reduction.
  • I will take attendance each class. Attendance means arriving on time and staying for entire class period. Be prepared!
  • Do your homework and prep work outside of class, and bring everything you need to work in class.

  • An incomplete grade will only be granted for extreme reasons such as severe illness, death in family...
    They will not be granted for failure to complete projects, or not completing projects to your standards.