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html Informational Links

Base Webmaster - HTML5 Structure

A Detailed html Overview

HTML5 Text

HTML5 & CSS Web Design - Browser Support Revealed

Webmonkey Home Page - Links to all sorts of information

HTMLCheatsheet - Common HTML tags and their proper syntax.

HTML Goodies - Getting Started in Web Development, HTML, CSS and more ...

HTML SOURCE: html Tutorials

Table Basics

World Wide Web Consortium

W3Schools HTML Introduction

Tizag Tutorials - Good information on both html and css

InLook html Information

A Beginners Guide to HTML

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

W3 Schools CSS Tutorial

Dreamweaver Development Center

Learn to Work with CSS

Learning CSS

Project Seven - Dreamweaver Tutorials

Nifty Corners

Text Styles - Over Effects

Responsive List Hover Effect

Fixed Nav Hover Effect

Custom Scroll Bar in CSS

Custom Scroll Bar in CSS

css portal

Shapes in CSS

Color and the Web

Color Schemes

Color for Coders

Mediarama's Color Page Builder

The Non-dithering Colors in Browsers

html colors

html color table

html color table

Color and Image Transparency/Opacity

Create Color Themes with Adobe Color

Creating Web Graphics

Photoshop Brushes

Illustrator Brushes

File Formats

Optimizing Images for Web

Website Tips -Tutorials, Tips & top Resources

Create Tiling Background

Animated GIFs in Photoshop

File Formats - GIF, JPG & PING

Method & Craft

Fonts on the Web

html characters, alpha codes

html character codes

html & ASCII Character Codes

Font Squirrel

Google Web Fonts

Adobe Typetkit

Free Fonts

Font embedding:

UTF-8 Miscellaneous Symbols

Copy and Paste Characters

Other Links of Interest

Code Academy - Tutorials

Don't Fear the Internet Articles

Polaroid Effect

dotted backgrounds


Adobe TV


Creating Forms in Dreamweaver

Web - Best Practices

Dreamweaver CS5 Developer Center

AIGA Design Archives

Site Point: Fresh Thinking for Web Designers and Developers

Web Accessibility

Fraise - Free Text Editor (mac)

Notepad++ - Free Text Editor (windows)

Wisconsin Integrated Software (Student Discount)
Wisconsin Integrated Software

Layers Magazine Tutorials


Content Management System:

JavaScript Image Array

Web Adventure

Image Bubbles Effect

Simple Image Panner and Zoomer

10 Steps to the Perfect Portfolio Website


Creating a PostcardViewer Gallery with Photoshop

Video Lightbox

Portfolio SItes

JavaScript Galleries



How To Create A (Favicon.ico) In Photoshop

Adding Sound in DW:

Adding Weather:

Adding a Map:

Adding a Google Search Engine:

Integrating PayPal

Setup Account
More PayPal Buttons
PayPal for Dummies - PayPal eCommerce Toolkit
Integrating Payment Buttons
(You do not have to use an ico generator, just save with ico extension)

Freelancing Information:


Steps for a Sole Proprietorship in Wisconsin/eHow