Student Responsibilities:

Students are expected to be familiar with Madison College policies and procedures. Many of the important policies and procedures are on the Madison College website, located at

Academic Integrity:

Academic Integrity is an expectation in all Madison College classes. Plagiarism is defined as passing of another person’s work as your own. Students who fail to observe these standards are subject to disciplinary action. Madison College has a strong policy on Academic Misconduct which is published on the Madison College website:


Please follow these guidelines for online etiquette:

Withdrawal Policy:

If a situation arises that prevents the successful completion of this course, please note that it is each student’s responsibility to formally withdraw from this course.

Student Email:

Madison College offers a student e-mail account for all students. You MUST monitor your student e-mail 2-3 times per week. Accessed at: (If this is not your primary email, set up email forwarding.) PLEASE, email me from your College account or through Blackboard. I may not open emails from unknown domains for security reasons. You are responsible for monitoring your College email account at least 3 times each week, in addition to checking in frequently to our Blackboard classroom weekly.

Disability Act Statement:

Madison Area Technical College complies with all provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act and makes reasonable accommodations upon request. If you have a disability that requires academic accommodations, please contact Disability Resources Services at 246-6716 (Students who are deaf via Relay 711) or email, then contact me by email or telephone so we can discuss the accommodations that you might need in this class. Please do this before the class begins or as close to the start of class as possible so that we have ample time to make the accommodations. For additional information about the Disability Resources Services at Madison College go to:

Title IX - Sexual Misconduct Policies & Procedures

The College’s Sexual Misconduct policy and procedures applies to all students, employees, visitors, and independent contractors, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity; and it applies both to on-campus as well as off-campus conduct that would impact the learning environment.

See for information on reporting allegations of sexual xisconduct.

Learner Responsibilities:

As a student in this class, I expect you to:

  • Take responsibility for your own learning
  • Be prepared for class and be an enthusiastic participant
  • Treat others with tolerance and respect
  • Act responsibly and reliably in group work and group discussions
  • Set high standards for your work

Instructor Responsibilities:

As your instructor, I commit to communicating openly and frequently with you about this class. I will maintain a professional, safe learning environment adhering to the policies of the college. You can expect a reply to communication, be it via e-mail, through online discussions, voicemail or in person, within 24- 48 business hours.

Technical Assistance:

Computer difficulties are not an excuse for non-participation or late assignments. If you experience problems with Blackboard or your computer, contact the Madison College computer Help Desk at (608) 246-6666 or toll-free at (866) 277-4445, between the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Saturdays.

Blackboard Outages:

Madison College does its best to keep our Blackboard classroom up and running. However, despite our best efforts, our virtual classroom may go down unexpectedly. It’s also possible that your computer will contract a virus or worm that may cause you great angst. Should this happen to you, do not panic! Phone the computer Help Desk (see above). If an assignment is due, please attach a pdf of it to an email to your instructor.

Tutoring Resources:

If you want information on the tutoring services available through Madison College, visit:

Syllabus Changes:

As your instructor, I retain the right to make changes based on the time line of the class, feedback from learners and/ or logistical issues, and will inform you as soon as a change is made.

Your Grades:

Check the grade book in blackboard. To check the Grade Book: - Select the “My Grades” link on the Blackboard main menu - View the various rows for check marks, points, and feedback.

Grading Errors:

I am human so I may make an error in entering a grade in the grade book. If you see an issue simply contact me with an inquiry into the problem. Sometimes your work may be in an unexpected area or a transmission problem occurred. Please, contact me if I made an error.