Thank you for visiting my page.

I'm a Graphic Design student with a passion for drawing. Charcoal is my favorite medium! My second favorite would have to be the good ole' fashioned pen and paper. I'd like to share some drawings that I've spent more time on than I'd like to admit, along with some quick 5 minute ones that I've done in my sketchbook. I hope you see something that you like, or something that might spark some inspiration for you!

  • I've been drawing since I was about 6
  • Subject matter varies
  • All above drawings are 11 X 24 inches
  • 10-15 hour drawings
  • Original Work
  • Sketchbook art varies in size
  • Mediums:
  • Pen & Ink
  • Charcoal
  • Soft Vinyl
  • Graphite

To the right is a slideshow of the drawings that I've done in my sketchbook over the last few years. These drawings could take anywhere from 5 minutes to hours on end! I get a lot of my inspiration threw sources like tumblr, magazines, figure drawing classes, or even just sitting around in public places.